Frozen fish

Frozen fish

Whole fillets, interleaved and I.Q.F. seafrozen + landfrozen

Redfish, Cod, Saithe, Catfish, Alaska Pollack, Blue Ling, Halibut, Haddock, Pike-Perch, Tilapia, Plaice, Nile Perch, Lemon Sole, Pangasius, John Dory

Fillets and loins

Saithe, Cod, Redfish, Nile perch, Pangasius, Haddock, Pike-Perch, farm-raised salmon

Other frozen fish products

Black halibut, Redfish, Dogfish Backs, Dogfish Flaps, Mackerel, Mackerel gutted, Mackerel Fillets, White halibut, Butterfish, Herring, Herring Flaps, Plaice

We deliver spot on

The full variety of our on shore and off shore produced fish from all over the world., always top quality: This is our quality assurance through our long experience - and of our producers - coupled with our "know how" in the production process. A steady supply of stocks of our main and imported products guarantees delivery also during off peak fishing periods.

For your fish...

Contact persons

Contact persons

Florian Müller

Phone: +49 471 97207 99
Fax: +49 471 97207 16
Mobile: +49 151 29134790
E-Mail: florian.mueller(at)

Jarek Raschkowski

Phone: +49 471 97207 75
Fax: +49 471 97207 16
Mobile: +49 172 4501882
E-Mail: jarek.raschkowski(at) 


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Stay on the ball and immediately find out about our up-to-the-minute range of fish specialities – whether salmon, fresh fish or frozen products. Every day our extensive and varied range demonstrates to our customers that we are one of the few fish importers delivering everything from one source.